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Southern Style Strawberry Shortcake Gluten-Free Allergy-Friendly and Vegan Recipe!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the July cooking class with Rainbow Blossom, where we made Gluten-free and Allergy-Friendly Strawberry shortcakes. I had a blast as usual, and everyone enjoyed the shortcake that was there. If you want to know about future classes or I am up to subscribe to or follow me on FB, Twitter, and IG. Keep reading for the full recipe.


Safe gluten-free flour blend or regular multipurpose flour blend with Xanthium gum 3 ½ cups( reserve 1/4 cup of flour for rolling our dough) If you don’t or can’t use Xanthium gum, it is ok to omit it will affect the crumble of the biscuit.

Non-dairy shorting or butter ½ cup

Salt 1tsp

Sugar 1 to 2tbs

Baking powder1tbs

Baking soda 1tbs

Non-Dairy Milk 1 ¼ cup

Lemon juice or apple cider vinegar 1tbs

Strawberries 2 lb of strawberries cleaned and dry

Sugar, Maple syrup, Rice syrup ,or Honey ¼ cup

8 to 10oz of safe non-dairy prepared topping

Items you will need

1 Large mixing bowl

1 medium mixing bowl

1 pastry cutter or fork

1 Baking sheet

Parchment paper or baking mat

Measuring cups and spoons

Oven preheated to 400 degrees.

Chef Martha teaching class, and showing how to use a pastry cutter.

Let's Get Started!

When making the sweet biscuits pour the safe milk and add the 1 TBS of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Let it sit for around 5 to 10 minutes. You are making a buttermilk substitution, and it is essential for the rising of the biscuits.

Next, add the 3 ¼ cups of flour, salt, baking soda , baking powder, and stir slightly to a large mixing bowl.

Then you will be adding in the shortening or butter. First, make sure the shortening or butter is cold and cut into small chunks. Next, using a fork,hand, or pastry cutter, cut the shortening into the flour mixture until the shortening is about the size of dry rice and you have a sizeable sandy combination. Then add in the safe milk mixture and mix slightly with a fork , and then mix with your hand until the dough has absorbed all moisture and flour.

Flour a board or counter with the reserved flour, and place the biscuit dough on the surface; add extra flour to the top as well so your hands don’t stick. I don’t use a rolling pin as it will affect the rise of these biscuits. Instead, I push down to about 1-inch thickness, and I shape it into a square and then cut it into squares. You can use a glass or cookie cutter to make round biscuits.

After cute, place on a well-oiled cookie sheet or pie pan, and you can brush with melted shortening or safe milk before baking if you would like. This does make them a richer color.

Bake biscuits using gluten-free flour for around 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Depending on your oven, you may have to bake longer. * If using regular flour, then 450 degrees for around 20 minutes.

The day before or while your biscuits are baking, take the strawberries you have already washed and dried. I usually just cut the top of the strawberry off and slice them. Then add the sugar or brown rice syrup. The longer this mixture sits, the better it tastes. If using another fruit, sub the fruit and adjust the sweetener based on how sweet the fruit is.

Next, we assemble the shortcake. First, I let my biscuits cool some and slice them. Next, I add my strawberries, topping, then the next biscuit, and layer the strawberries and topping. You can even add safe ice cream to this shortcake which kicks it up a notch.

I hope this recipe helps to tame your allergy dragon. Feel free to share this recipe with anyone you think may like it, and I love seeing pictures of what people have made. I hope everyone is having a great Summer.

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