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Welcome to Cindy's Corner - My First Blog

Hi, and Welcome to my 1st Blog for Cindy’s Corner, a new addition to the Allergy Dragon website. You may know who I am if you are subscribed to Allergy Dragon YouTube Channel. Then you know I am Chef Martha (Marty) Morgan’s literal Celiac Sister and the eldest. I am the CFO/LifeStyle advisor for Allergy Dragon. In addition, I am an Independent SeneGence Distributor. I don’t love it, because I sell it…I sell it, because I love it. More about that later.

Cindy Dennis

So what Do I bring to the “table” so to speak? What do Health and Beauty products have to do with anything Allergy Dragon is doing? Great questions!. I have Celiac and other allergies. I can attest to what these products have done for me and my personal results. Martha and I both suffer from skin sensitives; it is so nice not to struggle to feel my skin crawl or break out when I use skincare and makeup products.

Not everyone reacts to items that gluten on their skin, but some do, such as me and my sister. There are many arguments about how much we absorb through our skin that even scientists and doctors argue to the point of not agreeing. I am not here to agree or disagree, but if we can absorb the sun rays for vitamin D…I think we can absorb a lot through our skin. BUT not everyone reacts the same way. I can only respond to my personal experience and those of my family. I hope you will join me on my continued journey.

Join us on an episode of Allergy Dragons Lair

It is essential to find companies that are truly transparent in their ingredients for not just gluten-containing products but allergies. I review vegan products made with high-quality ingredients and fully transparent. If the product doesn’t work for us personally but is a reliable product recommended by our Allergy Community, I want to learn about it. So we can all share the knowledge and tame our Allergy Dragon together.

I like to make learning about SeneGence, products meaningful yet fun. I don’t just share about SeneGence, if I find a product or anything that impacts this subject, I share it in my group, my personal page, and I will do that here as well. If you have any questions, want to know something specific, or have a product you would like me to review. Feel free to reach out to me via or also have a Facebook group called Glam’ma Beauty & More. I am currently running a fun campaign for Halloween in July 2022 in my FB group.

I would love to know are you like Martha and me and have problems with gluten in your health care and beauty products? What other things would you like me to cover in Cindy’s Corner? Do you have any Community Questions for our Allergy Dragon’s Lair show? Message me on any of the above-mentioned contact links or leave a comment. Share this blog, and subscribe to for more content like this.

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