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Allergy Dragon?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Hello, my name is Martha, and welcome to my 1st blog. I decided to make Allergy Dragon YouTube to be creative, to share my recipes, and my family’s story. I wanted to create a place that was as inclusive as possible for people with Celiac disease, and food allergies. I don’t want anyone who is going through these issues to feel lonely, or negative. Instead, I want us to focus on what you can have, and not on what you can’t.

Chef /CEO Martha Morgan

Allergy Dragon to me means that the diet restrictions and limitations we have can be referred to like a dragon. When we tell people sometimes that we have a food allergy, or can’t eat something because of a medical condition. There are times that people do not believe that exists. Just like a Dragon a mythical creature that is only in movies, books, or games. Does your allergy, or disease “really” exist? I have a Dragon if you will; we are trying tame. Sometimes our Dragon’s are tiny and sit upon our shoulder behaving themselves. However as we change, our Dragon’s change as well.

Now an Allergy Dragon website and blog? My daughter's dragon keeps me on my toes the most. She is 16 years old and has a total of 33 food allergies confirmed. When I think we have that one tamed, I feel like it decides to change its scales. The response has been so positive with the YouTube Channel, and guest blogging on My Allergy Kitchen in December 2018. It seemed like a natural progression for Allergy Dragon to take the next step into a website of our own.

I have seen how this has positively affected my life and family’s life. Being able to build a truly magical force of positivity through the Allergy Dragon Community is what I am grateful. Take time to explore the website, check out the YouTube channel, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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