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Gluten Reaction The Ugly Side of Celiac Disease

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Having Celiac disease is not for the faint of heart, and at times it is plain ugly. I want to share with you my recent exposure to gluten and how it affected me. I say I am brave, and if you have Celiac disease, you will understand why I say this. I am sharing this in the hopes that everyone will understand how life-altering this disease is, and how just a little bit of gluten is harmful.

It was a Tuesday at around 11:30 am, and I ate a small light lunch. Within fifteen minutes, I realized there was something not quite right, but not exactly sure if it was gluten. I start to feel the first stomach pains, and that lovely full feeling that air is being pushed into places that should not have air starts to set in. I run-walk to the restroom as the pain gets worse, and I realize that this is not a drill. I as much as I wanted to deny it, could not deny the truth any longer. I had consumed Gluten in some way, and my body was going to make me pay for this in many ways.

Last warning as we enter the ugly side of gluten.

After a few hours of vomiting and diarrhea, I am finally able to stop this endless purged. I can keep down some water. At this point, I am tired, and just hoping it is going to stop now. I changed into comfy clothes and lay down in bed. It is about 6:30 pm and I end up falling asleep. I sleep pretty much straight through to the morning.

So I wake up feeling bloated and looking like I am still very pregnant. I felt like my entire digestive system tried to digest a steel wool pad. I don’t want to eat, but I do want to consume fluids. So I do drink a sports drink and water for breakfast. I am very weak and having trouble concentrating, that we know as brain fog. I feel like I am thinking and moving in slow motion. I always end up with Dermatitis Herpetiformis when I get exposed to gluten. It is a dermatological reaction to gluten; it usually is found on the arms, legs, and buttocks. I, for some reason, experience it on my face, upper arms, legs, and buttocks. I do look ugly and

feel terrible.

After a few days, I start to feel a bit better, but brain fog is still very present. I still don’t have much of an appetite, and I feel weak. I have started to look only four months pregnant, but my face is still very much broke out. I have bumps on my face and bumps that have been scratched open. I think to myself I am lucky no hospital stay, and I should be back to my normal in about a month. That is what I get for thinking, I suppose. I suddenly start to have liver pain, not sever, more like a twinge at times. All of these reactions go on for a few days more.

Two weeks after ingestion of gluten.

When I think the worst is over, My liver decides to add sharp pains, and some help from the pancreas to cause me alarm. I was terrified that I was going to end up with pancreatitis again. I had to visit the doctor for labs and rest. Thankfully I did not get any worse, and with more bed rest, I was able to start to feel better. Brain fog gets worse when your liver is involved, and my skin as well. However, on a good note, I was no longer looking pregnant, and feeling like I was a filled balloon.

I warned you it was Ugly!

It has been over two weeks since I got Gluten as I write this blog. Brain fog is almost non-existent, and I feel like I have more energy. I am slowly advancing my diet and sticking with GI Soft, and low fat for right now. My liver is not giving me any pain, and my blood work is looking good on it. My face is still very much broke out as well as my buttocks, and legs. It usually takes a few months before it goes back to normal I find with every gluten exposure.

Three weeks since ingestion of gluten.

In writing this, I believe this might shed light on how it feels to have a gluten reaction when you have Celiac Disease. I know everyone’s experience can be very different. Please feel free to share this blog, and leave a comment on how gluten affects your life. I hope this helps tame your Celiac Dragon or Allergy Dragon! Subscribe to my blog, or check out my YouTube Channel Allergy Dragon to get more content from me.

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Membre inconnu
12 août 2021

I think everything happens for a reason so it's not surprising to me that your cousin, Amy, shared your website with me yesterday. I've battled, literally battled, trying to negotiate my Celiac diagnosis. It's almost been a one day on and one day off routine for me. I struggle 8 years post diagnosis with food. I'm either up or down with this disease. This rash looks exactly like my arms and back currently do and feels like a pea gravel drive to touch. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm hopeful I will learn some great food tips from you that will make it easier to stay on the right track!

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