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It's Been A While, How Have You Been?

I know that could be a loaded question, especially during this unprecedented time in our lives. I usually write about recipes and allergies, which makes up literally over half of my daily life. Six years ago, I made the switch from restaurants to Institutional Food. My day job is I run the day-to-day operations of a Hospital Kitchen, which is very interesting, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. I never thought much about a pandemic breaking out, and how that could affect my daily life, let alone my work life.

My New Look For Work at the Hospital. Such a Pretty Day.

I will answer the question of How have you been first. I have been all over the place with my emotions. I have felt fear, stress, frustration, anger, sadness, happiness, and thankfulness. I have had to deal with not being able to find safe food and supplies for both my family and my work family. It is frustrating and scary. I thankfully have had people calling me and checking in on" What Mac and Cheese is it that Kara can eat?" Then having them purchase the Mac N Cheese for her. I have seen and been on the receiving end with some of the most caring people.

On the flip side, I have seen some things I never thought I would see. People being incredibly greedy and buying the "crappy" gluten-free pasta, not caring that for some of us, that is our only option. People are throwing dirty used masks at health care workers just trying to do their job. People are spitting on other people because they disagree with the mask ruling. People are treating each other as if they are not human themselves. It amazes me that it is 2020, and we still have so much hatred in this world. Useless hatred based on the color of your skin, and not on the integrity of the person you are.

I have and always will live my life as positively as I can. I have tried to pass this on to my children as well. In the darkness that clouds us, I can see the light. I see the light in my friend's random texts to see how I am doing. I feel the light online with the support that we give each other, especially in the Allergy community. I see the light in my daughter starting her Senior year of High School virtually. I see the light in the fact that my son is starting his second year of a trade school. I see the light when some of the patients I feed can go home. There still is hope and light if you choose to look for it.

The Ladies of our monthly Meet & Eat! You can catch Replays on my YouTube Channel!

One cool thing happened while this has been going on a few of us go together in April to do a Meet & Eat or and Eat & Meet whichever way you want to say it. That has become a monthly thing. It started with us just wanting to do something together, and everyone was stuck at home, so why not. I, of course, was one of the exceptions since I was working even more than usual at the Hospital. I am not sure if these Meet & Eats have helped anyone else, but I know they helped me. I was able to connect and talk to people about whatever—these brilliant, loving women are genuinely supportive of each other. I am not sure if they are aware of how much they truly have helped me with their friendship, Laughs, virtual meeting, and eating. I thank each of them for the connections we have formed.

Now, as we settle into the new normal, we will continue the Meet & Eats monthly as much as possible. We all have lives that lead to schedule conflicts, and maybe it won't always bee the same people, but we will continue to support each other. So to three amazing Lights in my life, I thank you very much, Dee Dee Vicino AllerCuisine, Tracy Bush Nutrimom, and Leah Robilotto The Food Allergy Institute. We will see each other later in September….assuming I get this Zoom thing down. If, for some reason, you don't know who these awesome women are, go and check out their websites.

So How have you been? How are you doing? Who are the lights in your life? I want to know. Subscribe and leave a comment. Feel free to message me on any of my socials as well. Even if all you did was keep your self alive, you have won the daily battle. I will be posting more blogs and videos, very soon. Take care of yourself, and if you are having a great day. Then spread that positivity around like candy sprinkles on a fresh glazed donut! I hope this helps tame any of your dragons that might be bothering you right now.

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