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Local Spotlight: The Silly Axe Cafe' A 100% Gluten-Free Nut-Free & Lactose-Free Restaurant

Updated: May 8, 2022

I live in Louisville, Ky, for those who do not know. It is the day after the Kentucky Derby, which happens to be Mother’s Day here in the US. So Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother figures reading this blog! It is May, so it is Celiac Disease Awareness Month and Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month. So for May, I decided to spotlight some of my favorite local businesses that live the Celiac and Allergy way of life every day.

So to kick this off, I wanted to spotlight my favorite place to eat out at! If you follow my socials, then you have seen the pictures. If you have had a business meeting with me or are one of my friends, you have probably eaten at this place with me. I am talking about Louisville, only 100 % dedicated gluten-free restaurant, The Silly Axe Cafe. This place was created by a fellow celiac warrior, Mom, and Chef Angela Pike.

My favorite wall in The Silly Axe Cafe'

A little about Chef Angela Pike, she ran a successful personal chef business for nine years before opening The Silly Axe Cafe'. After a series of health events, Chef Angela found out that gluten was the reason and was diagnosed with celiac disease. So she decided to dedicate her career to helping with the needs of the gluten-free community of Louisville, Ky.

In April of 2019, The Silly Axe Cafe' opened its doors as our only 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurant; as well as gluten-free, the restaurant is also nut-free and lactose-free. The staff is well trained in being aware of cross-contact and allergy protocols. There are many allergies that Chef Angela and her team can accommodate. Surviving in the restaurant industry takes passion and hard work! Thrown in a pandemic, and most people couldn’t hold on. I am ecstatic and proud that this restaurant has.

My favorite Chicken and Waffles sandwich with a maple aioli

The menu is rotating and seasonal, with weekly and daily specials. My favorite item I recommend to most people is the Chicken and Waffle sandwich! You can see a few items in this video here. Along with some of the seasonal Fish fries, soups, and specialty sandwiches. Hot Brown, anyone?!? Yes, you can eat a Hot brown for breakfast even!

The Silly Axe Cafe' Hot Brown

Being a Chef myself, I have run many restaurants and kitchens. We don’t do this work because it is easy. We do it because we must; it is truly a calling and labor of love. Artists feed our souls. Chefs feed your senses and body and bring comfort. . Weather it is comfort food you had missed from when you were a child or just too tired to cook. Angela has put her whole being into this restaurant so we can dine together and have the joy of going out together again.

The Silly Axe Cafe' fried grouper seasonal sandwich.

So if The Silly Axe Cafe never opened for me or any other people here in Louisville, What would that mean? I would not have a place where I am confident not to make me sick. I would not have the Chicken and Waffle sandwich that I don’t have to make myself. I would have less content on my socials…I get yelled at if I go to The Silly Axe Cafe and don’t take pictures!! I could not share this place with everyone. I could not meet incredible people at the Cafe. The staff and Fellow guests are included in the incredible people statement!

I need you to go to The Silly Axe Cafe' and take a friend. The food is delicious whether you are gluten-free or not. They have a bar, and everything is Celiac Safe!! The whole restaurant is Celiac Safe. If you are visiting Louisville, KY, and want to meet me there for a meal. Just message me, but chances are I might already be there. I like this blog to open up your eyes to a gem of a place and that everyone deserves to eat delicious food. Share this blog with anyone you think would like to read, comment, and subscribe to the website. I hope this blog helps to tame your Allergy Dragon.

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