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More Than A YouTube Collaboration With Our Heritage Works

One of my favorite parts about creating Allergy Dragon as a YouTube channel first and then as a company is meeting new people and helping them. I first met David of Our Heritage Works in 2019 at an allergy-free and gluten-free expo. We instantly formed a friendship over food and our challenges with it. Talking with David, I received immense feedback that what I was doing was important and needed. He was among the first subscribers to my website that I had just launched in April 2019. Fast forward to 2022; we are still foodie friends and fellow YouTubers now!

How I ate my Non-Cholate Cake recipe by Our Heritage Works

So I am happy to have had my first Youtube challenge and collaboration with David from Our Heritage Works. If you didn't see the Memorial Day weekend Allergen Recipe Conversion Challenge, check out the playlist now. I had the pleasure of interviewing David about his YouTube channel and what it is all about. Check out his interview on my channel and see my reaction to making one of his recipes from our Memorial day Challenge Now. I will post a picture of the decadent dessert, so check out the video and subscribe to our Youtube channels.

David also interviewed me for a video on his channel. He asked me interesting questions, highlighting that we all have different dietary needs and the need for us all to support and advocate for our needs. David asked me an excellent ending question. Check out the video, and let us know your answer by commenting on the video! Don't forget to subscribe to his YouTube Channel, Our Heritage Works!

So if you eat low oxalates, are gluten-free, low sodium, and are diabetic, Our Heritage Works have great recipes. Not just food on his channel, though. David can help you restore a touch lamp and a cast iron skillet too! So check out our videos and subscribe to Our Heritage Works. You Can Find David on IG @OurHeritageWorks as well. Share this blog, and join our site for free sign-up! We hope this helps to tame your Allergy Dragon.

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Oct 21, 2023

I look forward to when you launch your YouTube channel where you will review all these culinary masterpieces! Just don't forget about editing your videos. After filming on camera, I use vob to mp4 converter to change the format of my new video to mp4. I advise you to try it to avoid problems with uploading your videos to YouTube or other platforms!

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