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Two Chefs Talking About Surviving A Stroke, Family & Of Course Food!

Join us in the Allergy Dragon's Lair on YouTube as I interview a fellow Chef, Kurt Stiles. Chef Kurt has had an exciting and impressive culinary career. His journey of not only surviving a massive stroke in 2008 but thriving is beyond inspiring. During the interview with Chef Kurt, he explains how he got to where he is today as the creator of Pure Plant Jerky, which is delicious! Watch the video on YouTube now.

Chef Kurt spoke about recent highlights, such as obtaining a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics / Emphasis in Food Innovation from Saint Louis University. This program has a greater emphasis placed on the culinary arts and business to build local, sustainable food systems and farm-to-table operations. He also spoke about his opportunity to support the opening of a new, USDA-funded North City Food Hub/Commercial kitchen in Saint Louis. The focus of the Food Hub is to educate diverse clientele.

Now a bit about my favorite product, hands down from Pure Plant Jerky, is the Chewy Eggplant Jerky. It is an excellent substitute for bacon in a salad, and I have even used it as the “B” on my BLT! The Shitake mushroom was out when I ordered, and those are awesome. If you get any of them, count yourself lucky! Check out Pure Plant Jerky now.

This interview was a joy and an inspiration for me to be able to do! Thank you, Chef Kurt, for taking the time to share your life and food with us. Just a reminder to Chef Kurt, feel free to send me any samples that need testing. Please share this blog, and subscribe to the website for more content. We hope this blog helps to tame your Allergy Dragon.

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