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What Is A No Diet Dietitian?

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

So you probably clicked on this blog to find the answer to what a no dietitian is. Is that even a real possibility since diet is literally in the name? Let me invite you to keep reading as I tell you about my recent interview with a long-time colleague and friend. I recently interviewed Elizabeth McIntyre, registered dietitian, and creator of Appetite for balance. You can now check out this Allergy Dragon’s Lair episode on YouTube if you want to hear the full interview.

I invited Elizabeth to Allergy Dragon’s Lair to share her viewpoints on diet, intuitive eating, and overall health. I asked her not just because she is a great person to work with. I do love what she brings to her no-diet dietitian philosophy and intuitive eating. I truly believe that food is medicine and that what works for one person might not work for someone else.

Elizabeth McIntyre, registered dietitian, and creator of Appetite for balance.

Elizabeth is not only knowledgeable but utterly transparent about her struggles with food. Sometimes we look at someone and assume they have never had a food issue. I think everyone has struggled with food and body image at some point. I know I have, what about you? At times I still struggle with my body image personally.

I know I am all about specialty diets and allergies; our relationship with food is very important. Food anxiety is real and can happen to anyone for many reasons. It can come about from food allergies or autoimmune diseases. Worry over people preparing your food and having reactions. Perhaps you were told you must finish your food, and you realize that you always do. Yes, out of habit, but also it creates other emotions if you don’t clean your plate.

Elizabeth helps her clients by helping them understand their relationship with food. It is not just about the diet and nutrition you get daily. The first thing she does is get to know her clients and their needs. Can she help you, or do you need to go to someone else? She is not afraid to help guide you on your journey, even if that means she has to refer you to someone else.

It is about your success and your intuitive relationship with food for Elizabeth. It’s not just about the diet, and that makes her a no-diet dietitian, in my opinion. Check out our full video interview now on Youtube. Make sure to check out Appetit for Balance for yourself. Leave a comment, share this post, and subscribe to Allergy Dragon. As always, we hope this helps to tame your Allergy Dragon.

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