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We Get Candid With Rochie In The Allergy Dragon's Lair.

The Allergy Parent club can be a lonely and scary place. However, thanks to technology and the internet, we are not nearly as alone as we used to be. Have you ever heard of The Frugalista Mom blog? If you have not, please let me introduce you to one of my fellow OG allergy moms and an extraordinary

friend. Rochie is the creator of The Frugalista Mom blog. I was able to interview Rochie for Allergy Dragon’s Lair.

In this episode, Rochie shares her allergy and gluten-free Mom journey. We debate in this episode how the older Allergy Moms and the newer Allergy Moms have it better or worse. Is there too much information now? How exactly did we do this without a smartphone? Labeling laws didn’t even exist as we know them till 2004/2005. Sharing the ups and downs of Allergy Parent life. If you are a new allergy mom or an OG like us. I think her story helps all of us. How we, as gluten-free and allergy moms, help support each other.

Life happens, and I am lucky enough to call Rochie a friend. Even though it has been a virtual friendship, it is amazing that I can be so close to someone that I have never been able to hang out with IRL. See, not to OG that I don’t know In Real Life means in text talk. Of course, now that I wrote that, I realize how incredibly old I sound. I am very fortunate in this space to have many friends who genuinely support each other. One of my next goals is to make it to New Jersey to hang out with Rochie IRL.

Check out Rochie’s Allergy Dragon's Lair Episode here now. I was on The Frugalista Mom’s Getting Candid with Rochie 2 years ago, so check out that Thanksgiving Episode now.

Check out Rochie’s The Frugalista’s Mom’s Blog. If you like this content, please subscribe, and share. I hope this blog helps to tame your Allergy Dragon.

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